A Partnership between The University of Akron,
Lorain County Community College and Stark State College

Innovation Alliance:

Regional Collaboration, Regional Success

Innovation Alliance News

IA Wins Team NEO Economic Development Plus Award for Regionalism and Cross-Border Collaboration.
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Northeast Ohio Winner of White House Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge
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Center for Workforce Energy Development (CEWD)
Ohio is one of nine states piloting a CEWD initiative called “Get Into Energy Career Pathways,” funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  
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Colleges and universities have a unique role in a region’s economic development by providing quality educational programs to our students and ensuring that our programs and services are responsive to the needs of our local businesses and communities.  This creates an opportunity for educational institutions to go even further, by promoting collaboration and resource-sharing among our institutions.

The Innovation Alliance (IA) was created in 2006 by The University of Akron and Lorain County Community College to leverage institutional resources and strengths for the benefit of our region and students. By consolidating essential business functions into a common support organization, the IA has helped to drive down the operational costs for each institution by sharing infrastructure costs, reducing duplication of effort and delivering a common set of best practices among the partner institutions. The Alliance has since been joined by Stark State College, which further strengthens the organization.

The Innovation Alliance invites partnerships with other colleges and universities across the region.  As new partners join the Alliance, we will discover more ways to improve our student services, increase educational access and contribute to economic development across the region. For more information, please call Polly Moss, Project Director, at 440-387-7402.

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